Perch brings you every product you need to create a space you look forward to working in.

Own your workspace. Own your working life.

We spend the majority of our lives in the spaces we work. And a few years ago, we found ourselves drained from long days in our beige, plastic-filled workspaces that were bathed in fluorescent light. It was hard to be creative and think clearly, and we started to wonder why are our personal workspaces were such a black hole in our otherwise design-driven lives? PERCH is on a mission to give our workspaces the love and attention they deserve.

PERCH designs and manufactures our own hardwood desks, and curates a selection of the best workspace products to go with them.

Dedicated to the workspace.

It all started with a desk, crafted from solid mahogany and created in collaboration with one of our favorite furniture designers in NYC. No detail was overlooked in the design and construction, with every joint and angle perfectly aligned, and each desk built to last a lifetime. Along with our stunning line of desks, PERCH sources every other product you need to outfit them.

We scoured all but one continent to bring you the best workspace products the world has to offer, each from vendors who are masters of their craft. After testing thousands of products, we’re bring you only the best. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.

We’re here to do something revolutionary - help you get excited about sitting down at your desk.

Discover Your Perch
Discover Your Perch